Violet Hill

She was sent away. It was bound to happen sooner or later.

She looked out the window and sighed as clouds went by. She expected this. What with all her father’s yelling day after day, demanding she move out. She knew that would never be her home. A voice came on overhead. Finally, they were there. She despised airplanes. The beautiful views hardly made it enjoyable. Hours on end in a place where you can’t really talk wasn’t her sort of thing. She stood in line patiently waiting for the people ahead of her to make their way out of the airplane. Giving the flight attendants a half smile then a dirty look as she went out. When she was finally out of there she leaned her head back and took a deep breath. Only a bit further.

Though she didn’t show it, she was insanely nervous. She wanted to make sure to show that she was confident, not scared. But it was hard to fake it. She stood up straight and mounted her studded backpack on one shoulder before pulling her skirt down some since it had gotten gathered up from sitting down for so long. She tucked one side of her hair behind her ear and took one more deep breath before going to retrieve her luggage.

She kept her eyes to the ground, avoiding others as much as possible. Looking in every reflection she could as she went by, making sure she still looked decent. She soon tripped over another person’s luggage, biting her lip and blushing wildly, she fixed her hair and picked herself up again brushing her skirt off rubbing her arm. The incident broke her stature, she slumped up against the wall for a moment. She was never good at looking confident, or concentrating. There was just so much around her. She wasn’t going to give up though. She stood up straight once more and heaved a great breath before marching over and grabbing her luggage gracefully.

Quickly she made her way out the door, then she stood and looked round until she saw a sign that said her school name. “Violet Hill.” She went over watching how she walked, worried she wasn’t walking right as her high heel boots clacked on the ground with each step. She stood in front of the sign for a moment before looking up. Before her stood a black bus, elegant and new. She looked inside where she saw some other students. She saw how they were nothing like her and blushed wildly. She wished she could change clothes for a moment, but she loved her clothes. She loved her style. She leaned up against the bus on her hand trying to look more into the bus before a man cleared his throat behind her and she stood up straight again and turned round quickly.

Before her was a man just a bit taller than her with a cap and a suit on. He looked to be the driver.  She clung tight to the strap of her backpack and to her luggage as she felt his stare sink in. She looked to the bus then to the ground then to him again. It was unavoidable. He was right there. So she took a deep breath, getting ready to force herself to talk to him before he started himself.

“Miss…” he took a moment to look down, she realized now he held a clipboard, “Delrite?”

She nodded, rubbing one foot against the other nervously. He moved into the bus and she saw over his shoulder that the clipboard had a list of names and pictures on it, and she saw her own. He motioned for her to follow. She brushed her boots against the ground and fiddled with her backpack looking around, she was weary of getting on. Just then she felt something brush up against her, she turned to see who it was and blushed wildly turning away again rapidly biting on her lip hard.

“Sorry about that.” He said, a smirk on his face as he rubbed her arm for a moment before getting on the bus in front of her.

Her breathing spead up rapidly as well as her heart, she felt her head get light as her cheeks turned bright red. She gave a soft giggle as she made her way slowly up the stairway. She never made it all the way up.

She woke up and rubbed her eyes, sitting up, finding that she was on a papered mat. She looked around for a moment seeing bandages, wrapping, bottles, viles, syringes. She jumped, bringing her legs in tight to her chest, her shoes were gone. She backed her head up against the wall and started hyper ventilating before she saw the IV in her arm. She trembled. She couldn’t bare needles.

She then heard a voice just around the corner of the door.

“She’ll be fine.” The nurse said before walking around the corner in through the door.

She saw her sitting there breaking down and made her way over, feeling her head first.

“It’s going to be all right. Just close your eyes and I’ll have this out in just a second for you.” The nurse smiled comforting her.

The girl closed her eyes tight crying just barely now as she clenched her hands tight closed.

“Deep breath now, one, two, three. “ She slipped the IV out and bandaged her. “There we are. All better.”

The girl didn’t feel like moving now, she was scared. She’d forgotten what she’d been doing before now. She still wasn’t sure where she was.

“Oh don’t fret dear, you’re all right, you just took a bit of a turn. Passed clear out on your way here, but you made it safe and sound. Welcome to Violet Hill Miss.” The nurse gave a soft gentle smile and helped her to her feet. “A nice boy was kind enough to take your things to your room, but I do have your shoes here for you.” She opened a nearby cupboard and picked up her shoes and placed them in front of her. “If you need anything else, please don’t hesitate to ask.” After helping the girl slip on her boots and fasten them  she took her out into the hall. “Your room is down this hall, up those stairs there and to the left. Room thirteen. Take your time now, don’t want you having another fall.”

The girl nodded and bowed barely, in respect. She was always a very elegant girl at heart. She couldn’t help but be polite in such a manner. Though she tended to show little to no emotion in everything she did. She started to make her way down the hall when she noticed, he was right in the corner of her eye sitting in a chair and stood up abruptly when he saw her. Her heart started to speed up again as she went onto the stairs, having nothing to cling her nails into, she felt the anxiety sink in faster.

He grabbed at her hand, stopping her from going on. She trembled, but didn’t look back.

“I never caught your name.” He said in a tone that was like the sweet vibrations of a cello, like bathing in flower pedals, it sent chills up her spine.

“I-I haven’t one.” She stammered and slipped her hand away from his treading up the stairs, her face clearly distraught.

As she made it finally off the stairs he grabbed her arm and yanked her so that she was forced to turn around and face him. As he did she gasped, and tried with everything in her to breath steadily while not biting her lip. Her eyes avoiding him at all costs.

“No name? Ah, I see. None could ever think of one perfect name for you. Why naming you would be a complete insult to your very existence wouldn’t it?” He gave a devilish smirk before releasing her.  “No matter. I myself am Demitri Van Reign” He took a moment and gave her a low and pleasant bow, eyeing her body as he came back up and seeing how beautifully her cheeks did blush. He pet her cheek for just an instant and smiled, he moved her chin up before she realized it, she was staring straight at him. Her heart stopped, she was sure she would faint again as she felt like her body was no longer under her control. He had the most gorgeous hair, long and glistening black, his eyes shimmering like an ocean. How could he be a man, she thought. “Best be off now.” He said letting go of her once more. He took her hand in his and bowed low to kiss it. “ ‘Till we meet again.” He walked off his own way, down a near corridor then across a bridge to what must have been the boys dorms.

She stood for a moment her head tilted sideways she felt like she was in a dream before she shook her head. She scoffed. He’s just like the rest, she told herself. Pretending to be mister prince charming until they get what they want and leave, she wouldn’t give him the satisfaction. She crossed her arms and made her way to her door. She turned and leaned against it opening it up behind her as she sighed. The bed was stunning, black barred bed posts, then laid with black bedding. But it all lead up to a beautiful lilac veil that went all the way around the bed, tied closed with a ribbon. There was a vanity there in the corner and right next to it were the tallest windows she had ever seen. And there with it, was a window seat with purple cushions. The walls were solid black. She saw her things on her bed and smiled. She went over to the window and collapsed on the cushions.

Maybe I won’t like anyone else here, she thought to herself, but at least I have this to call home.

She lay there peacefully resting herself taking in the scenery outside. It began to drizzle against the windowpane, the clouds darkening up above. She smiled, the noise was soothing to her.

There was a knock at the door.

She sat up in a panic, quickly getting up to answer.

A girl stood there, long blonde hair like an angel, her smile made her glow.

“Hi!” She forced her way in and hugged her. “My names Lilly, what’s yours?” She asked.

She stared at Lilly for a long time mouth open in shock, she blinked rapidly.

“Hellooo?” Lilly waved her hand in front of her.

“Oh, um right, sorry, I’m Sinesthesia. You can call me Sin.” She said, tucking her hair back behind her ears.

Lilly smiled brightly. “Welcome to Violet Hill Sin!”

Sin was slightly scared of the cheery girl, she had so much energy and so much confidence in herself, it was a bit intimidating.

“I’m a Senior here at Violet. And it is my duty to make sure you as a new student get everything down before class starts tomorrow!” Lilly yanked on Sin’s arm and brought her out of her room, leaving the door open. “Now then, who have you met?”

Sin blinked rapidly, barely knowing what was going on. “I um, met Demitri, and er you Lilly.”

“You’ve met Demi?” her eyes widened.

“Yeah, he seems very erm..”

“Oh don’t mind him, he’s a charmer. Doesn’t go after just anybody though; He’s a romantic. As well as my brother.” She rolled her eyes.

Sin sighed, she wasn’t sure what to make of him still.

“Come on then! I’ve so much to show you!” She jerked at Sin’s arm again and pulled her over to the bridge to the boys side.

Sin tried to pull herself back, but Lilly kept making her move towards them till she let go of her and rapidly went around and banged on all the boys rooms then ran down the stairs.

“LILLY!!!” Sin screamed and tried to run after her in her high heeled boots the best she could. She just barely made it downstairs before the boys came out to find out who’d been banging on their doors. She panted and collapsed on the ground next to Lilly against the wall. “What in the world was that for?” She scream whispered at Lilly.

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